How many calories does yoga burn?

how many calories does yoga burn
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How many calories does yoga burn?

If you are doing yoga to burn calories and get in shape then burning maximum calories in each yoga section would be your goal to burn fat in minimum time. A question that how many calories you can burn during a regular yoga class or how much calories does yoga burn is a difficult question to answer because there are many things which need to be consider to calculate the exact amount of calories yoga does burning in each session. Yes, there are some gadget available in market which can help you to tell you an exact amount of calories you have burned in training section on the bases of your heart rate but trust me, those gadget tells you an average amount only. Your current weight, height, gender and your heart rate information is required to know that how many calories you have exactly burned in a yoga session. Although the duration of class is important to know that how many calories does yoga burned.

Example of calories burned by yoga:

On average a person whose weight is 125 pounds or 56KG burned about 120 calories of 30 minutes of yoga training where on other hand a person whose weight is 185 pounds or 84KG can easily burn about 178 calories in same time of training. Have you noticed the difference here? The body weight play an important role when you are counting calories to know that how much you have burned. There are many yoga poses which you can performed to burn fat and calories but each yoga pose has different calories count. The yoga poses which has been used to burn calories usually required your body weight, so the person who is overweight can burned more calories through yoga as compare to slim person if he/she is performing those yoga poses which required to depend on body weight only.

The other thing which can help you to know about calories burn through yoga is the duration of your training session and your heart rate. If your heart rate is normal throughout the yoga exercise and duration of your yoga session is 30 minutes then you have burned the less calories as compare to high heart rate in 15 minutes of yoga workout. So, the level of your heart rate could play an important role to burn more calories through yoga or any other type of workout.

Indeed, if your motive is to burn calories through yoga, then knowing about number of calories you are burning each day through yoga would be something you would like to know to note down your progress but I would suggest you to more worry about the benefits you are getting through yoga. As compare to other workouts, yoga poses approaches your whole body instead of specific part and promotes your overall health.

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