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old school new body
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“Old School New Body” Review

Old school new body” is a highly effective 5 step dieting and exercising system created by Steve and Becky Holman, both of whom are reputable professionals in the world of dieting and exercising and have dedicated themselves to educating people on steps to take to slow down the aging process.

You most likely would have noticed that majority of people today, whether male or female, look much older than their actual age especially after they have clocked the age of 40. Well, studies have proven that besides the common tell-tale signs of aging like feeling stiff, losing touch with modern technology, forgetting people’s names and so on, when the body is deprived of the necessary nutrients and exercise it needs, it accelerates the aging process, causing you to look, feel and think 6 months older than your actual self for every passing year.

This is a growing norm which inspired the creation of this step-by-step program by Steve and Becky Holman, for which I’m extremely grateful for. I wasn’t completely convinced about what this program offered until 2 months ago when I finally made up my mind to give it a try. I’m currently in my mid-40s, with a lot of body fat and a half-hearted attitude at forming new habits, especially one that has to do with physical exertion. However, since I started this program, I have to admit, it has been a really exciting and thrilling experience. It took a lot of sacrifice and willpower for me to be able to agree with the principles first and then to keep up with the routine, but so far it has really been worth the effort.

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The program features five key principles on dieting and exercising which when zealously applied, would literally reverse your aging process and restore your body’s natural youth hormones. I also learned from the program that there are actually ways that you could move, eat and think that would help tune your brain, causing it to slow down your aging process, and ever since I began following those principles, I’ve started to feel a whole lot younger!

Following these steps doesn’t require the use of any supplements or anti-aging drugs, neither does it discriminate against age, sex or body type. It works for just about anyone, male or female, regardless of whether you’re 35 years old or 75, tall or short, the principles outlined in each step applies to everyone.

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This Old school new body review program teaches you diets and exercises about your own body that you would never learn from any gym, tai chi, yoga or spin class, in fact the principles go completely against what you have heard. Although the program doesn’t condemn the conventional dieting and exercise routines you may have tried, it however goes a step further to reveal the things you must do and those you must avoid to be able to slow down your aging process, shape your muscles and burn off those body fat that just won’t go away. So, here are the five steps that the fuss is all about:

  1. Forget Low-Fats Diets

I know, it sounded appalling to me as well when I heard this bit of advice for the first time, especially at a time when I was looking for every means to cut down on the excess fat I was carrying. Like I mentioned earlier, it takes guts and determination to pull this off but if you’re willing to follow it through, it’s sure to pay off big time.

Now, this step isn’t a green light to go consuming all the sugars, carbs and fat filled diets your doctor warned you about – no, it simply implies that restricting yourself to only low fat diets will kill you faster. Take a look around you, people who are obsessed about their low fat diets generally do not look any younger, instead they look sick, gaunt and weak. They worry themselves too much about every single detail in their food and drink and never really enjoy dining away from home.

However, this shouldn’t be the case if you’re truly serious about taking care of your health. I’ve learned from this program that fats are meant to be embraced, and are particularly essential in assisting your body to regenerate hormones like testosterone, which is a direct product of cholesterol and dietary fat consumption. Avoiding it would only lead to a deficiency in vital hormones which your body needs to stay fit and healthy.

  1. Stop Running in Circles

This step understates the need for long-duration exercises or any form of long duration training. Another step that you may feel contradicts everything you’ve heard but trust me, it is just about the best workout advice you will ever get. Agreed, gym classes including body fitness exercises and cardiovascular conditioning can be fun and interesting, but you will learn from this program that there are far quicker methods and techniques that can be employed to achieve your fitness goals.

You will also learn from this program that most endurance trainings, running particularly, accelerates the aging process rather than slow it down. Yes, you heard right! Treadmills, jogging, and the rest do more harm than good by increasing free radicals which feed on your body’s essential nutrients and tissues.

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  1. Stop Blaming Everything On How Old You Are

This is one step that I’ve noticed most people above 40 are particularly guilty of. Once they cross that middle age bracket, they start eating, thinking, talking, moving and behaving like a fat, old person who has nothing else to live for and slowly counting his days.

One truth I’ve been made to understand from this program is that you’re only as old as you believe yourself to be. It wouldn’t cost you anything to do away with the thinking that you can’t do certain things, or go to certain places because you think you’re old. In fact, ever since I began surrounding myself with positively thinking people who inspire me to go out and face challenges, I’ve been able to take full control of my health and become more active, both mentally and physically. What is there to being young than that?

  1. Avoid Chronic Dehydration

It surprisingly ironical how so many people know the importance of drinking lots of water daily but do not do so. You don’t have to wait until you’re thirsty before drinking some water, in fact it is recommended that you drink at least, 12 ounces of pure water every day.

Following this simple step would not only keep you hydrated on the inside but on the outside as well. Your skin and body will look years younger within a few weeks and it would also help you burn fat, become more energetic and rescue your kidneys and liver from overworking themselves.

  1. Work Out Less

This is the last step and the one which got me really curious. This program taught me that rather spend longer hours in the gym exercising and working out, there are smarter and shorter ways to achieve your body fitness goals. It uses a highly effective yet uncommon technique called “old school resistance training.” The techniques employed in this training program are so rewarding it’s difficult to understand why everyone isn’t using them.

Each workout technique in the training is characterized by fat burning and muscle building drills which would make you look younger, cut down excess unwanted fat and a well-toned skin. All that amazing result and don’t even have to spend hours on it.

All in all, it is an absolutely effective system that cuts to the chase and goes directly to the issue of burning down excess fat and slowing down your aging process. I’ve benefitted immensely from it and I would definitely recommend that you also give it a try.

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