Top 5 Yoga Poses For Fast Weight Loss

yoga poses for fast weight loss
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Top 5 Yoga Poses For Fast Weight Loss

Do you know, according to popular search engine Google, one of the most search keyword is how to lose weight. There are millions of websites our there from where you can read about different methods, exercises and free diets to lose weight but losing weight is more than just working out for hours and eating healthy food. Today, most of the world is facing increase in weight due to less physical activities. Computer and other latest technology has already made out business life fast but in the term of physical activities, our physical activities are decreasing day by day due to which there is massive increase in weight in all group of people including kids to senior citizens.

On internet, you  may found hundreds of different ways to lose weight but you will only know about their reality once you start following them. They are not just hard to follow but required you to spend money on healthy food. But there is one way which is being practice since thousands of year and it is helping today many people to lose weight. I am here talking about yoga, which is here since age as a medication to solve your many health related problems. Then why not excess weight? Today, yoga is being more than just a medication for mind and spiritual terms. People are using yoga to lose weight and get a perfect figure to impress the world.

There are hundreds of yoga poses out there which can help you to lose your weight by burring calories and extra fat on specific part of your body. These yoga poses are not new, they are being used to improve the body structure since many years but today people are taking advantage from these yoga poses to burn fat of specific part of their body like under arms, belly, thighs and back etc.

You may heard about side effects and negative reviews about other different methods of losing weight but you may hardly read or listen any negative review and comment about yoga. May be some people suggest you that yoga is a slow way to lose weight but in the end they will agree that yoga helps to lose weight, slower or faster depends on many things like your current weight, your daily physical activities, you’re eating habit, age, gender and duration of working our etc.

Yoga itself have some sub categories which are specially discovered to help people to lose weight some of these yoga types are hot yoga, bikaram yoga and power yoga etc. Each of them works in different ways and has different yoga poses to help people to burn extra fats from their body. Instead of following any specific type of yoga to lose weight, how about going with their popular yoga poses which has helped most to burn calories?

Following I am sharing the top 5 yoga poses for fast weight loss. These yoga poses are not specific to a single type of yoga but taken from different yoga types to make your yoga workout more effective in terms to lose weight fast and short time.

1.     Warrior pose:

warrior pose

Warrior pose is all about strengthen your body muscles. Instead of focusing a single muscle, warrior pose strength your whole body muscles from legs to upper body including muscles of shoulders, arms and thigh. That’s why it is considered one of the most affective yoga pose for weight loss. For warrior poses, you need to stand on your feet while spreading your legs apart. Once you reached to this position, you need to bring your hands right above your head and stretch. Now fasten your hands together and turn your upper body to right. Bend your right knees slightly while strengthen your abdominal muscles. That’s it. It may sound a lot to do warrior pose but it does not as soon as you follow the instruction and do it rightly. You need to keep in this position for up to 1 minutes. If you are beginner and cannot hold in this position for one minute then start from 30 second session. Repeat this post by turning to left and then right at least 3-4 times on both sides.

Tips: Your both shoulder should be relaxed away from the ears and you are gazing over the middles finger. The fingers should be spread and arms should be engaged while you are in the pose. Keep your shoulder blades draw toward each other and make sure that your hips are even. Push into outer edge of back foot and magnetize feet to find a lift in pelvic floor.

2.     Locust pose:

locust pose

Locust Pose sound a lot but it does not. It is a simple yoga pose to active all muscles of your body by stretching them. The basic muscles which engaged through locust pose includes your lower back, abdomen muscles, buttocks and upper back. It does not jut promotes effectiveness in your body and weight loss but also helps you to increase the flexibility of your body by strengthen your core muscles like back, arms, shoulders, chest, belly muscles and legs etc. To practice locust pose is very easy. All you need to lie down of a plane surface by facing down and ground with your hands. Now, lift your legs without bending your knees. How much legs your need lift depends on your strength. In start, it may take lot of effort to be in this position but with passage of time, you will become expert in this pose. Make sure to keep your balance on tummy to engage the maximum abdominal muscles. Be in this position for up to 10 second and practice this at least 10 times in a single yoga session to get effective results.

Tips: To get maximum benefits from locust pose; keep your legs muscles firm, active toes in this position. Also use leg muscles to lift up lower body and lengthen from pelvis through toes. Make sure that your shoulders are away from ear and you are using back muscles to lift chest up. Arms should be engaged and keep your finger tips on the ground.

3.     Bridge pose:

bridge pose

It is known as one of the best yoga pose in term to lose weight fast because this pose is wholly used for belly fat reduction. To practice bridge pose, you need to relax all your muscles and lie down on your back. Make sure that the surface should be plane as this could cause lower back pain if you have not chose the right spot to practice this pose. Join both of your feet joined together and your hands on the side. Now slowly lift your head and chest slightly off your ground and stretch your hands towards your feet. You need to be in this position or 30 seconds to engage your abdominal muscles. Do bridge pose for 5-7 times in each of your yoga session. While bridge pose is specially practice for belly fast reduction but it’s also helps in toning the arms and leg muscles as well. If you are having neck pain, then this pose could help you to get rid of this. Additionally bridge pose also help in digestion by stimulating the key thyroid glands and kidneys.

4.     Chair pose:

chair pose yoga

The pose may looks easy but it is not really easy as its look like because its required stamina and experience pain but with the passage of time, you will become expert in practicing the chair pose. You can practice this pose simply by having your feet together and raise your both hands above your head. Inhale while you are raising your hands above your head. Now bend your both knees and keep in haling and focus on your stamina. Keep in this position for up to 60 seconds. In start, you may start with 10 second or 30 second but try to increase the timing every time you practice chair pose. Do this pose at least 10 time every day to active muscles of your whole body. This pose will not just help to lose your body weight but also tone your thigh and melt fat from your tummy.

5.     Boat pose:

boat pose yoga

Like locust pose, boat pose engaged the muscles of your whole body and tone stomach and abs. This pose also help in increasing your stamina and cut down belly fats. To practice boat pose, you need to sit on yoga mat with your knees pulled up. Make sure that your thigh should be should be held tightly and toes pointed out as you need to raise your legs in next step. Now raise your feet off the ground to a steep 45 degree angle and inhale. To avoid back pain, make sure that your spine should be help straight and your body curved slightly to make v-shape. Now raise your both arms to your shoulder and inhale deeply.

These are the basic five poses which will help you to lose weight fast. To know more about such type of secret yoga poses which engage your whole body muscles in one term, get registered with “her yoga secrets program” which is designed by Dr. Zoe to help those people who are looking for an easy solution to burn fats quickly and get in shape with the help of yoga poses.Read More about Her Yoga Secrets.

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