Yoga Benefits for Men

yoga benefits for man
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Yoga Benefits for Men

Yoga is usually referred as a women workout because it does not required you to do cardio and weight lifting where men are usually known for weight lifting exercises. But today, the ratio between men and women in yoga is same due to the number of benefits incorporated with the yoga exercises.

One of the reason which makes yoga popular in men is that, it does not required to you to pay high gym fee, purchase dumbbells and other weight related equipments. You can do yoga at home where it does not required you to purchase extra gym related equipments because all poses of yoga allow you to use your body weight to increase strength, burn extra calories and make your muscles more flexible.

Today, among men, yoga is being used as a source of losing weight. Even the popular weight lifter prefer to incorporate yoga poses in their daily training life for stretching purpose. There is no workout plan out there which does not has at least one pose of yoga.

Other than the above benefits which makes men to incorporate yoga in their lives, following are some benefits for men which they can get through yoga by adding few minutes of yoga session daily in their life

Yoga helps to get relief from stress:

Yoga is medication. It was first invented to get positive energy, peaceful mind and relief from stress. Today there are many uses of yoga including calories burn, getting better posture and fit body but the main aim of yoga is still same which was thousands of year ago. Latest studies also proved this. A person who perform yoga for 60 minutes daily can get rid from stress and depression. Although a person with yoga life has better mode all the time, clear mindedness and energy all over the day. Most of early forms of yoga are still in practice and even suggested by today’s doctor to incorporate those yoga forms in your life to get rid from the stress and depress. Men who start their morning with a short session of yoga by sitting alone and practicing sound and breath yoga spend their whole day in much happy and positive mode.

Yoga will burn extra calories and makes you healthy:

One of the reason which makes yoga popular today is not its medication treatment. But people are using yoga to burn extra calories from their body to get slim. As compare to women, it is difficult for men to burn extra calories because their muscles are less flexible where their body tissues are harder than women. That’s why there are several ways through which man try to lose weight like weight lifting, cardio and other types of training. But if you man incorporate yoga in their daily workout, the procedure of getting slim and burning extra calories will become fast because yoga makes body muscles flexible and also boost the metabolism. There are many types of yoga has been introduced in modern time which has been specifically designed to help the fat people to burn extra calories from their body. Losing weight through yoga is a great choice for those men who are not good in high intensive exercises including weight lifting.

Yoga makes men body flexible and stronger:

Not all yoga poses mean to makes you flexible but most of yoga poses are designed to incorporate maximum muscles and core areas of body like thighs, arm, belly and back muscles. A man who practice yoga on daily bases has a strong body and flexible muscles and this is becomes due to yoga poses which engage the muscles and fast the blood circulation. Although, you don’t need to carry any weights while you are doing to increase the strength of your body with the help of yoga because all of the yoga poses depend on your body which helps to increase muscles strength and also makes your whole body muscles and boned stronger. Studies also proved that the men who start yoga in early ages had less chances of bone fracture and pain in muscles in their old age because their bodies and muscles are already flexible and had strength to bear pain.

Yoga will improve posture and reduce back pain:

Back pain could be happened due to number of different causes but one of the popular cause which brings back pain in the body is the wrong body posture. Just think about your sitting, standing and walking position, all of them would be wrong. By doing different poses of yoga you can improve your body posture with the passage of time while it will automatically help you to get rid from number of different body part pains including back pain which causes due to spine pain. Yoga helps you to keep your spine straight when you are sitting, walking and standing due to which the strength of your spine increases and you avoid to sit in wrong position in future. While yoga helps you to improve body posture and helps you to get rid of body pain, there are number of yoga poses which has been practiced wholly for the purpose to get rid from the body pain.

Yoga improves the sex life of man:

Yoga helps to get relief from stress and depression which helps in the improvement in sex too but other than that, the yoga training increases the blood flow in man body due to which the testosterone level increased in the body which promotes the better sex performance in men. Although, studies has proved that the person who perform yoga for 60 minutes daily get better orgasm and the time of sex duration also increased for them. That’s not it, the study in Journal Sexual Medicine in 2010 also proved that the group of men who performed yoga for 12 week comes up with better sex desire, sex performance, satisfaction rate and erection rate increased, they got better control on their ejaculation and got multiple orgasm in single sex session etc. In short, a man without sexual program should incorporate yoga in his life for better sex.

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