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Yoga Burn Voted #1 Best Yoga Program For Women


Yoga Burn “HER YOGA SECRETS” Reviews:

“Her Yoga Secrets” or Yoga Burn reviews, is simply a step-by-step 12-week yoga program which has been created exclusively for women for delivering a fast and effective fat burning and body shaping effect in the most natural and healthy way possible.

It applies a unique approach known as “Dynamic Sequencing” which involves teaching you how to perform each yoga pose and then guides you to continually adapt to each movement, and from there it increases the challenge at the exact moment your body begins to get used to the routine. It keeps things fun and interesting so you don’t get bored, forcing your body to respond to the workout, and ultimately building a great feminine shape.

The Yoga Burn reviews follow along program for women is the brain child of Zoe Bray-Cotton, a certified professional personal trainer and female fitness instructor. She has featured in various well renowned yoga studios and gyms throughout North America, teaching all the major styles of Yoga to women for over ten years.

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It is available for download in digital format on all mobile devices (Android, iOS, Tablets, etc.) and on any desktop or laptop computer. I love the fact that it comes with the option of purchasing 2 copies of the digital download plus the physical collection for only $57, which is a really good deal and a great opportunity to gift the other copy to a friend who would also need its highly beneficial content. But if you still want to go for just one copy, it is available for $37. I know which option I’ll be picking though.

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The content is well organized, you wouldn’t have any difficulty going through the steps, it is based in English language but that isn’t a barrier at all. The program can be practiced all women regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, social or economic status, you just have to be ready and willing to create the time and make the effort to follow each and every step to the latter. You don’t need to take pills or powders or potions with this program, just drink enough water and make sure you’re in a noiseless and serene environment so you can get the most out of it.

It is a great program for women who are looking to shed off some weight without resorting to spending long hours at the gym or lifting heavy weights. You can easily do it at the comfort of your home, and if you prefer the outdoors, fine, just ensure that you’re not distracted throughout the course of the session.

For women who are pregnant, the Yoga Burn program has made special reservations by adding 2 bonus videos which includes, The Beginner Flow, which is the follow-along audio classes and The Tranquility Flow, both of which can be practiced throughout every stage of the pregnancy period. The poses performed here have been tested and verified to be safe and recommended for an easy delivery and a healthy mother and baby. It is also totally ideal for the post-pregnancy period and would help you lose your belly fat and get back in shape real quick without exerting yourself too much. Trust me, people will definitely want to know how you did it, I guess that’s why it is given the name “Her Yoga Secrets.

Each video is 45 minutes long and it is recommended that you complete at least three 45 minutes videos each week for optimum results. It comes with a three phase approach known as “Dynamic Sequencing” which I mentioned earlier. This approach is the basis of the whole program and has been highly effective for women of all fitness levels and it is designed so you can easily adjust to the level you can handle if you notice that the workouts seem too difficult for you. It helps you to ensure that you can master the basics of each pose before advancing further to more challenging poses in a well explained and detailed way.

The 3 phases includes:

  1. The Foundational Flow:

foundational flow yoga burn

this is the first phase which focuses on building for you a solid Yoga Foundation. It takes a total of four weeks to complete and it covers the basic foundation of yoga as a whole. This phase will help you to start flexing those tight muscles and loosening those stiff joints that all the while having fun. You can be able to perform each pose safely and effectively without stress because it is very simple. Your body begins to connect with your mind and you learn to understand and effectively control your muscles, garnering the skills and experience you will need to be able to move on to more challenging poses.

This phase is especially effective for pregnant women and they are recommended to try out all the poses here so they can prepare their bodies for delivery and even post-delivery. It is important that you complete the Foundation Flow stage first before going to experiment any pose in the other two phases so that you can progress effectively.

  1. The Transitional Flow:

transitional flow yoga burnthis phase is dedicated to educating you on how to effectively utilize all the moves you’ve learned in phase one to burn more calories and improve your heart rate. Here it is no longer about loosening your muscles, rather it is about putting it to work. It is expected that your body would have already gotten accustomed to the basic moves provided by phase one, so you’re going to be experiencing a whole new mix of well sequenced moves that are designed to keep your body constantly guessing and pressuring it to yield to your will, which would not only enhance your mood and make you feel better but also get rid of all your problem areas.

  1. The Mastery Flow:

mastery flow yoga burn

this is the final phase of the three phase Yoga Burn program and it is where the real deal begins. This stage is characterized by some serious poses that are culled from a combination of the bodily training you received from the previous two stages. Here your body would be fired up to the maximum and would be transformed in ways you have never imagined possible with yoga! It features a series of recurrent poses which are programmed to really work your muscles, especially those muscles that would bring out that figure 8 shape that you have always dreamed of. The Mastery Flow phase is designed to make things more exciting, it will definitely help revitalize and rejuvenate your mental focus while fully augmenting your weight loss results.

With these three phases fully performed and the bonus packages completed, you are sure to increase your emotional wellbeing and boost your self-confidence and overall happiness. It contains all the amazing benefits expected of a professional and progressive yoga program, including a better sleep, improving your heart rate, maintaining a healthy weight and reducing your back pain.

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Also during the program, Zoe Bray-Cotton explained that there are three common yoga mistakes of women which I really found quite interesting:

  • One major problem is going to sign up for generic yoga classes. According to Zoe, a regular yoga class typically consists of people with different fitness levels and different physical abilities, and the instructions given are usually generalized for every participant. This may work for some but in most cases does not work for the other person. So you risk performing workouts that are completely unsuitable for your fitness level or that exceeds your physical abilities, and that will only lead to injuries. With the Yoga Burn program, you save yourself from all that, including the registration fee for joining a yoga class and the transport expenses incurred.
  • Another common mistake is that a lot of women seem to think that all yoga classes are able to lower their stress levels and aid relaxation. However the reverse is most likely the case, as Zoe Bray-Cotton pointed out, attending generic yoga classes only increases your cortisol hormones, this hormone is also called the stress hormone and is responsible for causing fatigue. Randomly engaging in yoga poses that are not directed at a particular fitness purpose is sure to release this cortisol hormone which also stores more fats in the body and increases your stress level. This makes you have to work harder and longer especially when trying to lose weight, which could also affect your heart rate if care is not taken.
  • The third mistake that was identified by Zoe during the program was that of doing the same yoga poses over and over again, or staying in a yoga class that lacks creativity and performs the exact same routine for each class session. You can’t be performing the same poses week after week and expect to get lasting results, it’s like being on a medication for treating an infection when you’re only suffering from a headache – it just won’t work. You need to go for workouts that mixes things up and changes routines frequently that would have effect on not just certain parts but every part of your body. Particularly areas that would help bring out your feminine hour glass shape, and that is exactly what this Yoga Burn program is centered on.

I highly recommend this product for every woman and would definitely keep using it for a long time to come.

Yoga Burn Voted #1 Best Yoga Program For Women

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